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Promoting access to quality education.

We facilitate greater access to quality education through addressing barriers that marginalize children’s school access, retention, progression, completion, and transition. We do this by;

Accelerating safe school learning environments.

Assisting in creating clean water facilities in schools

Providing daily free school meals.

Establishing gender-sensitive hygiene and sanitation facilities.

Establishing platforms that tackle the exclusion of girls from education.

Increasing access to school through free meals.

Because we recognize the impossibility of teaching a hungry child, we passionately tackle in-school food insecurity by providing daily free meals for the long term, through a community-centered approach.

We believe that when children are hungry, they are not only unable to learn adequately but also have their school journeys and future prospects compromised.

Our goal is to ensure that as many disadvantaged children in the communities we serve are supported to have an equal chance at accessing learning opportunities through free meals.

As part of our efforts to strengthen sustainability and to maximize impact on our school feeding program, we are dedicated to establishing and improving kitchen infrastructures in order to assist schools to prepare meals efficiently and ensure safe and adequate storage. This work typically involves repair or re-construction of school kitchens and installation of energy-efficient stoves.

Through this initiative, we assist in creating healthier and spacious working environments for school meals preparation, assist schools to save on the quantity of firewood required to prepare meals, and also minimize environmental destruction within the neighboring communities that are usually a result of cutting trees for fuel needed to prepare school meals.

Improving learning infrastructures

The lack of facilities that foster an adequate learning environment can seriously interfere with children’s education. We are dedicated to creating safe, quality, and appropriate learning spaces that foster children’s learning outcomes.

Strengthening WASH facilities in school

The absence of appropriate WASH facilities can be a huge barrier to accessing school, equality and safety for children. Inadequate water supply, poor sanitation, and unhealthy hygiene behaviors can increase the risk of children losing school days and potential when they contract WASH-related diseases.

We support schools to put in place improved gender-sensitive sanitation structures and water points that help children to practice appropriate hygiene practices as they focus on learning.

Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management in Schools

Alongside our WASH Programming, we support Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management (MHM) in schools, to help girls manage their menstruation safely and with the dignity and privacy they deserve.

Quite often, menstruating girls are hindered from staying in school, learning, and performing when their menstrual needs are unmet.

We establish period safe spaces and are also dedicated to improving access to menstrual material through equipping girls with skills and knowledge on making re-usable low-cost sanitary pads.

Girls’ Education

Often many girls in disadvantaged rural Uganda experience unique challenges such as exclusion from education due to gender discrimination and cultural norms and bias that attach stigma to girls’ education. The outcome is often tragic alternatives to education such as; child marriages, early school drop-out, trafficking, and forced prostitution, among others.

These social problems may further lead to consequences linked to increased exposure to violence and higher rates of early pregnancy.

We believe that when a girl is denied a chance to attend school she becomes a woman denied the opportunity to participate in all affairs of her own community and society as a whole.

We aim to significantly reduce the number of girls missing out on their right to education by inspiring action to Girls Education and changing gender norms that limit their opportunities and agency.

Our Support for Adolescent Mothers.

As part of our efforts to reduce the number of adolescent girls missing out on their right to Education, we are facilitating the safe re-entry of young disadvantaged mothers back into education. The Right of teen mothers and pregnant schools girls to an acceptable education are well established in several Child Rights international agreements and Conventions.

Through this initiative, our targeted young mothers have a chance to defend their right to Education and to establish a stable future for themselves and their babies.



Peacebuilding in and through Education.


Economic Empowerment and Livelihoods

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